CBS Visits today!

The Volunteers greeted the camera crew today! They came to film for “The Early Show”. Stay tuned for the time and date to follow. 

VYFL Volunteers

Volunteers in the picture (foreground) Julie Evans, Jessica DeJager, Nick DeJager, Nancy Neff, (background) Nicole Osmundson, Leah Anderson, and Mark Carlson.

Memorial Day

This coming Monday is Memorial Day.  A time to honor those who have died protecting the freedoms we all enjoy.  Any soldier who has been in battle remembers the sounds of war and the charge against the enemy.  They remember holding their wounded comrades as they bled and breathed their last breaths calling out for those they love.


I recently read the story of a Vietnam veteran who returned to a battle field with some members of his squad where they once fought.  While there, he came face to face with a commander from the other side.  The soldier wrote the following regarding this experience. “Instead of charging one another with bayonets, we mutually offered open arms.  I invited all to form a circle with arms extended around each other’s shoulders and bowed our heads.  With prayer and tears, we openly shared our painful memories.  Although we did not understand each other’s language, we quickly learned that the soul requires no interpreter. People and nations rise above their differences only through effort, through trust.  Without trust, unity is beyond reach and restoration.  With trust, unity is within reach and preservation.  We must reach out to others in order to preserve the freedom we hold dear.  We are each called to bear witness to the ideals of liberty.  When we treat others with the respect and friendship that true liberty engenders, they will be brought into that same liberty.  We owe our dead and their survivors no less.  We owe our children much more.  We owe our children’s children even more.”


On Monday, when you attend a Memorial program and rise to sing “God Bless America” remember it is those who fought the fight in the past and those who are fighting on the battle field today that have made it possible for the blessings we enjoy today.    





Everything is Ducky at!

Vote Yes on #11!      


All in a Days Work at

Last week, I looked out my window and saw a mother duck with her ducklings.  She looked like she was intending to cross the street and bring her family to the pond, conveniently located at the lowest point in our parking lot.  Vlad, a fearless employee, courageously darted between moving cars to cross the street and snapped a picture of our fair feathered friends. 

 An animal control employee stood by and monitored the mother duck and her ducklings to ensure they were not hit by a car.  Look at what people are willing to do to save the ducks.  According to the Game Fish and Parks Department, the duck breeding population in South Dakota increased 0.5 million between 2005 and 2006.  Yet, in 2006 about 750 unborn South Dakotans were aborted.  Assuming an average class size of 25 students, that is 30 kindergarten classes aborted each year in South Dakota alone! 

 Let’s exert the same effort and place more value on human life!  Stop by the office located at 3500 S Louise Ave in Sioux Falls to see what you can do to help save the unborn.  Protect babies and vote YES on #11!

American Abortion Holocaust

Food for thought–what will be written on your tombstone?  Will it say you did everything you could to save children during the American Abortion Holocaust?

The following link is to an article about a person who did all they could to save Jewish children during the Holocaust.  Will you do the same now for American children?

Holocaust Hero Who Saved Children Dies, Associated Press

Governor Rounds Sees Through Group

We thank Governor Rounds for his repsone to nine Pro Abort Organizations (and opponents to Initiative Measure 11) when they requested the Governor’s help in reducing unintended preganacies.  In the Governor’s letter, dated April 30, he suggested that criticism of the state’s effort on women’s helth are really an attempt to generate opposition to the abortion ban on the November ballot.  In an interview the Governor stated, “If they want to step in and help on the pregnancy issue, great. . . But if this is simply a spin on the campaign to eliminate abortion in the state, I don’t think their spin is going to work”.   Governor Rounds, thank you for seeing through this group’s ploy.

As a side note, why weren’t groups who support Abstinence and Abstinence Education not recognized as viable groups with a viable solution to unwanted pregnancies in the state?

Post Abortion Training held at Alpha Center

Post Abortion Training held at Alpha Center, Tuesday, May 20th


Alpha Center’s post-abortion director, Nicole Osmundson, along with over 12 volunteers, gathered today at the Alpha Center to be educated and trained on how to counsel women who have had an abortion or who are contemplating an abortion.


As Alpha Center continues to see over 5000 clients a year, many of them come to Alpha Center for free pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, and post-abortion counseling.  Many of these women and men are either considering abortion as a form of birth control or have had one or more abortions in the past. 


Nicole encouraged the counselors as she gave testimony after testimony of the positive outcomes that she has personally seen in her five years of providing post abortion counseling at the Alpha Center. She also provided the counselors with valuable and necessary tools they need to help these women as they cope with the distress of their current situation or their past abortion. The many effects of abortion were discussed including the following few (of the many) symptoms that post abortive women experience:

Drug and alcohol addiction

Sexual addiction – Promiscuous relationships

Explosive emotions: depression, anxiety, etc.

And many more…


Alpha Center offers the “Forgiven and Set Free” post-abortion program that helps these women and men deal with the pain of an abortion and how to forgive themselves.  Counseling is provided in both group and one-on-one settings.


 Other issues that were discussed today include:

·        the SD Laws for abortion

·        Morning after Pill / RU486

·        The different methods of abortions during first trimester, second trimester, etc.

·        Planting the seed of love and hope with a client in crisis


In conclusion, all of the volunteers found this information very helpful and educational and expressed how grateful they were for the expertise that Alpha Center offers our community in this area!  Thank you to all who attended and to Nicole Osmundson for spearheading the training!


“Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all His laws”.   John Adams — letter to Thomas Jefferson