Governor Rounds Sees Through Group

We thank Governor Rounds for his repsone to nine Pro Abort Organizations (and opponents to Initiative Measure 11) when they requested the Governor’s help in reducing unintended preganacies.  In the Governor’s letter, dated April 30, he suggested that criticism of the state’s effort on women’s helth are really an attempt to generate opposition to the abortion ban on the November ballot.  In an interview the Governor stated, “If they want to step in and help on the pregnancy issue, great. . . But if this is simply a spin on the campaign to eliminate abortion in the state, I don’t think their spin is going to work”.   Governor Rounds, thank you for seeing through this group’s ploy.

As a side note, why weren’t groups who support Abstinence and Abstinence Education not recognized as viable groups with a viable solution to unwanted pregnancies in the state?

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