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Planned Parenthood: Annual Budget Surpasses $1 Billion; More Preborn
Children Killed

FRONT ROYAL, Va., March 31 /Christian Newswire/ — “If the current trend
continues, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. (PPFA) will
command a budget of more than $1 billion in three years,” warned Douglas
R. Scott, Jr., president of Life Decisions International (LDI), in 2006.
But PPFA’s Annual Report for 2006-2007 shows that Scott was two years
off the mark.

“Planned Parenthood surpassed the $1 billion mark in the very fiscal
year immediately following my 2006 comment,” Scott said. “This is
shocking and more than a little frightening.”

PPFA generated $1.0179 billion in Fiscal Year 2006- 2007, which is an
increase of nearly 11 percent over the previous reporting period. In
Fiscal Year 2005- 2006, PPFA’s budget rose just 2.4 percent over the
previous Fiscal Year. One year earlier (2004-2005) that figure was 8.4

PPFA’s massive budget has skyrocketed in part due to a $31.4 million
increase in the amount the abortion- committing goliath gets from
American taxpayers. In Fiscal Year 2005-2006, government funding
increased by nearly 10.8 percent. In Fiscal Year 2006- 2007, taxpayers
gave another 10.3 percent, bringing the one year total to $336.7
million. The most recent figures show that 33.1 percent of PPFA’s annual
revenue comes from taxpayers. In Fiscal Year 2005- 2006 that figure was
33.8 percent.

“This ‘not-for-profit’ behemoth ends every fiscal year with millions of
dollars in ‘excess revenue over expenses,'” Scott said, “which is known
to regular people as ‘profit.'” The ‘excess’ for 2004-2005 alone was $63
million. In 2005-2006 alone, the excess was $55.8 million. In 2006-2007
alone, the amount was a staggering $114.8 million.

On June 30, 2007, PPFA had net assets valued at $951.8 million, of which
$383.1 million was unrestricted and another $160.0 million was
temporarily restricted. “This is essentially a savings account,” Scott
explained. “The money is sitting in a bank and drawing interest that
will further advance Planned Parenthood’s deadly agenda. Despite these
huge sums, the corporation’s hierarchy incessantly claims to need more
and more tax dollars,” Scott said.

The most proficient abortion machine in the United States, PPFA admits
to killing 289,750 preborn human beings in 2006 alone (up nearly 9.4
percent from 2005), generating an estimated $125 million. A scant 2,410
Planned Parenthood customers were referred to adoption agencies.

PPFA claims to prevent the “need” for abortion while simultaneously
working to increase its share of the abortion market. In 1984, PPFA
committed just over 5.5 percent of all abortions in the United States.
By 2004 that figure had risen to nearly 20 percent. And its share of the
lucrative market continues to increase.

PPFA sold 1,436,846 “emergency” birth control kits in 2006 (nearly 18.0
percent more than in 2005). Every PPFA “clinic” dispenses “emergency”
birth control. Most prescribe it over the phone and accept orders over
the Internet, without an exam. In the vast majority of cases,
“emergency” birth control causes an abortion, but Planned Parenthood
wrongly and intentionally claims the drugs are “contraception.”

“Some of my colleagues are claiming victory over Planned Parenthood
because a few of its local facilities have closed,” Scott said. “But the
number of affiliates and local ‘clinics’ has changed very little over
the past several years. What we are seeing is merely a calculated

“While it is possible for two people to look at the same statistics and
come to different conclusions, I just don’t see how anyone could
reasonably conclude that the Pro-Life Movement is winning against
Planned Parenthood,” Scott said. “I understand the desire to give
pro-life Americans a reason to celebrate–a reason to think positive,
but I don’t think we should put a positive spin on such devastating
statistics. Doing so only serves to mislead and give a false sense of
success.” Scott called on pro-life/pro-family leaders to give their
fellow pro-life advocates the truth and remind them that “we are called
to be faithful, even when doing so is difficult.”

“Nobody would like to be able to say we are putting Planned Parenthood
out of business more than me, but we need to acknowledge that we are
failing– miserably. But this does not mean a successful strategy does
not exist.”

“If the Pro-Life Movement is ever going to offering a serious challenge
to Planned Parenthood’s deadly agenda, we need to come together in mind
and spirit,” Scott said. “It’s time we joined in prayer because we need
God’s help in developing a strategy that will have the kind of impact
that is needed. I have faith that God will lead, but we need to actively
seek Him and be open to His call. It is also time we joined in deed to
advance a new strategy.”

An affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF),
PPFA describes itself as the world’s oldest and largest “reproductive
health care” business. Founded in 1916 by elitist and eugenics advocate
Margaret Higgins Sanger, it began as the nation’s first birth control

PPFA argues that “everyone has the right to choose when or whether to
have a child…” It pushes for laws and constitutional amendments that
guarantee “reproductive freedom,” a phrase encompassing unlimited birth
control and abortion for everyone, no matter how young.


Catholic Online News Article

Cape Cod abortion doctor may face criminal charges

By Gail Besse

The Anchor

BARNSTABLE, Mass. (The Anchor) – A former gynecologist now faces possible criminal indictment for the death of a 22-year-old woman during a legal abortion last fall in his Hyannis office.

Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe will seek an indictment against Rapin Osathanondh from a Barnstable County Grand Jury, the victim’s mother confirmed April 4.

Eileen Smith’s daughter Laura Hope Smith of Sandwich and Laura’s unborn child died during the September 13 surgery.

Smith has spent the past seven months pursuing the case and speaking publicly about the need for Christians to do more to end legalized abortion.

She was dismayed at the recent news that state lawmakers have again rejected the proposed Woman’s Right to Know Bill, which would give women considering an abortion time to think it over and facts about abortion’s risks and alternatives. Nearly 30 other states have such informed consent laws.

“It is such a miscarriage of justice that this bill is continually rejected,” Smith said. “I truly believe that had it been passed before last September, my daughter would still be with us today.”

A spokesman for O’Keefe’s office said the grand jury could hear testimony in this case anytime during the next three months. The jury decides whether there is probable cause to indict and send a case to superior court.

‘Unfortunate medical result’?

The first hearing in a separate wrongful death suit was held March 10 in Barnstable Superior Court. Smith is seeking unspecified punitive damages for gross negligence in the death of her daughter, according to Smith’s attorney David Angueira of Boston.

“This is not your standard medical malpractice case. This doctor did something really wrong,” Angueira said in court, according to a Cape Cod Times report. He charged that Laura’s vital signs were not monitored while she was under anesthesia.

Defense attorney Kenneth Kohlberg rebutted that the lawsuit does not have merit and his client contends that Laura’s death was “an unfortunate medical result.” Osathanondh was not in court and has repeatedly declined to comment.

Judge Robert Rufo prohibited him from selling any real estate he may own pending the wrongful death suit outcome. The judge ordered that the medical equipment that was in the abortionist’s office at 68 Camp St. in Hyannis on the day Laura and her unborn child died be preserved unaltered. He also ordered that all medical records of all patients treated that day be preserved without alteration.

Smith said her daughter apparently died on the abortion table; Hyannis firefighters found Laura non-responsive when they answered the emergency call.

Pro-life belief not enough

Last fall, Smith filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, and Osathanondh resigned his medical license in February. He had formerly been on the staff at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, but left there in 2001 following complaints that during a staff meeting he had threatened to “execute” five nurses, according to a Boston Herald report. The Thai-educated gynecologist was not prosecuted.

Vowing that her daughter’s death would “not be swept under the rug,” Smith has spoken tirelessly on the pro-life circuit after Operation Rescue in Kansas first contacted her. She was in Springfield for the January March for Life and in February she spoke with David Bereit, director of the national “40 Days for Life” campaign.

In that interview, Smith, who is Protestant, said that Laura’s death made her realize that it was not enough to just believe in pro-life principles without doing more to oppose abortion.

“I believed if I lived my Christian life, preached the gospel, raised my children with Christian principles, that not only would abortion not touch my home, but we could make converts to Christianity and thereby lower the numbers. I was wrong on all counts,” she said.

She now realizes that God “is the head of the pro-life movement and He will guide and direct and empower us if we but hear His voice and follow His heart.” All Christian leaders need to “make life a major priority in their mission and pulpits,” she said.

‘Informed consent’ laws needed

Smith has appeared on numerous cable television pro-life shows, and recently spoke with a Massachusetts chapter of Concerned Women for America .She will be a featured speaker at the Massachusetts Citizens for Life Convention this month.

She’ll also fly to Dallas to celebrate the anniversary of the end of Partial Birth Abortion with a march on the courthouse where the Roe v. Wade decision was passed in 1973, making abortion legal in the U.S. during all nine months of pregnancy. In May, Smith will fly to California for radio shows and church appearances.

On March 19, the Massachusetts Joint Committee on the Judiciary effectively killed the Woman’s Right to Know Bill by sending it to study committee. The bill would ensure that every woman considering an abortion be given full information and time to reflect on its risks and alternatives.

“The undeniable evidence is mounting that informed consent bills only help women,” Smith said. “No other medical procedure besides abortion is so legally shrouded under such a veil of secrecy. Once again our legislators have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the plight of the unborn and the suffering of women.”