Good News: Illinois Pro-Lifers Get a Court Victory


by Nima Reza, managing editor

Attorneys prepare for appeal of ruling.

Parents are one step closer to being notified if their underage daughter is considering terminating her pregnancy, after a judge dismissed a challenge to the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act today.

Cook County Court Judge Daniel Riley did impose a stay of his decision that will allow the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) time to file an appeal. The ACLU confirmed in a statement it “will move swiftly to appeal.”

The law passed in 1995, but has been stalled in the for years by legal challenges.

The act requires physicians to notify the parents of an underage woman at least 48 hours before performing an abortion.

The Thomas More Society has led the battle to revive the law.

“Today’s ruling represents a great step toward ending underage secret abortions in Illinois,” said Peter Breen, executive director and legal counsel for the group. “This written decision represents the first time an Illinois court has upheld the Parental Notice Act of 1995 against the ACLU’s challenge. We look forward to the day that abortion providers are made to respect the rights of parents to know before their daughters are taken for abortions.”

Mailee Smith, staff counsel with Americans United for Life, said the ruling has broad implications in protecting the health and welfare of minors outside of Illinois.

“Minors from other states come to Illinois to avoid their own state parental notice laws,” she explained.


Lawsuit Filed Immediately After President Signs Health Care Bill

3-23-10 by Nima Reza, managing editor

Health care workers may be in scarce supply in years ahead.

President Obama signed the historic health care bill today that includes federal funding of abortions.

Attorneys general from 13 states immediately filed a lawsuit challenging the law that breaks with more than 30 years of federal policy prohibiting the use of federal dollars to directly pay for abortions.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum is heading up the lawsuit that was filed in federal court in Pensacola, Fla., to “protect the rights and interests of American citizens.”

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster said the health care reform is “an assault against the Constitution.”

“A legal challenge by the states,” he said, “appears to be the only hope of protecting the American people from this unprecedented attack on our system of government.”

Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, Utah, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Dakota, Louisiana, Idaho, Washington and Colorado are also joining in the battle.

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., said all Americans need to speak up.

“I’m going to fight this to the end,” he said. “I would just encourage every American – regardless of how dispirited you feel – to fight.”

He also encouraged people to remember the passing of the bill during this Fall’s election cycle.

“If we turn out everyone who voted for this thing,” he said, “we can change things. If Americans just forget and go on to other things as the Democrats think they will, then we’ll be in trouble.”

DeMint also reminded people that thousands of health care workers have said they’ll leave the profession because language in the bill violates their conscience rights and forces them to either participate in or perform abortions.

“This will go into action a few years from now,” he said, “and we’ll all be wondering why we can’t find any doctors.”

If your lawmaker is on this list please contact him or her and let them know that the president’s executive order does not do enough to protect preborn lives.  These lawmakers were urged to vote “no” on pro-life grounds, but failed to do so.

Chris Carney, (PA-10)
Jerry Costello, (IL-12)
Kathy Dahlkemper, (PA-3)
Steve Driehaus, (OH-1)
Brad Ellsworth, (IN-8)
Baron Hill, (IN-9)
Paul Kanjorski, (PA-11)
Marcy Kaptur, (OH-9)
Dale Kildee, (MI-5)
Alan Mollohan, (WV-1)
Solomon Ortiz, (TX-27)
Earl Pomeroy, (NC-at large)
Nick Rahall, (WV-3)
Joe Donnelly, (IN-2)
Mike Doyle, (PA-14)
Jim Langevin, (RI-2)
Jim Oberstar, (MN-8)
Tom Perriello, (VA-5)
Bart Stupak, (MI-1)
Charlie Wilson, (OH-6)

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