Blocking Abortion in the Wild, Wild West


Blocking Abortion in the Wild, Wild West:

Why Albuquerque’s Red Light Abortion Clinic Must Be Stopped

 By Eve Sanchez Silver

Social Justice Advocate

For Conceived Persons


Coalition of Color For Life

4 AM, May 1st, 2010

 I’m not Catholic, and currently, I’m not attending church anywhere.

The Life movement to date has been characterized by Catholic pro-lifers and Church leaders justly preaching that human life is sacred from conception to natural death.

 The point is: that baby’s alive.

 This is true, inside or outside of church. The child, in the womb or the test-tube, the black baby, the white one, the whole baby, the disabled baby, is just like you: alive.

 He’s alive.

 He’s alive whether you believe in the God of the Scriptures or not, wherever he happens to be: even if he happens to be awaiting death at the monolithic human-abattoir in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

 Curtis Boyd hopes to make a great deal of money killing kids there, in the bloody red light district he has built. Think who Curtis Boyd’s abortion targets are: Indian and Latino children, the children of poor White folks and poor Black folks, those on the fringes of society and society’s best. Seres humanos, como tu y como yo. Poor, uninformed souls; the desperate, the weak, the hopeless; unaware that Life is the eternal, precious, wholesome, incredible gift, they are lead to believe that abortion will solve their temporal problems.

 They are unaware too of the risks to their young bodies, the risk of cervical damage, of scarred wombs and more deeply scarred lives, of breast cancer risks, of future children’s lives lost, those oft to be wept for in the distant future; much wanted, but impossible now to carry, due to abortion ravaged wombs. Abortion strips a woman of her self; and long into that distant future, at 4 AM she will regret the actions of her youth, the loss of her breasts and family relations. She will weep for those lost sons and daughters all her life: and apart from Christ, there would be no peace at all.

 As economics drive the huge, unyielding mechanisms of death, the grist and fodder become our youngest souls and frailest lives; those at the opening and closing of the gates of Life. If there is to be any work worth doing, any action worth taking, any risk of being find out as a Life advocate, take it,  now.  Do not let New Mexico’s posterity be destroyed by those who annihilate infants for monetary gain!

 I am appealing to everyone on the fringe and in the fabric of Life for Albuquerque to speak now and draw together. Si eres Latino, escuchame:

Este es tu momento pro-vida. Parate conmigo contra el abattoir de vidas humanas en Albuquerque, Nuevo Mejico.

 Speak up. Speak out. Close the human-abattoir in Albuquerque.

 Never let it be.

 Eve Sanchez Silver