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Last week, I looked out my window and saw a mother duck with her ducklings.  She looked like she was intending to cross the street and bring her family to the VoteYesForLife.com pond, conveniently located at the lowest point in our parking lot.  Vlad, a fearless employee, courageously darted between moving cars to cross the street and snapped a picture of our fair feathered friends. 

 An animal control employee stood by and monitored the mother duck and her ducklings to ensure they were not hit by a car.  Look at what people are willing to do to save the ducks.  According to the Game Fish and Parks Department, the duck breeding population in South Dakota increased 0.5 million between 2005 and 2006.  Yet, in 2006 about 750 unborn South Dakotans were aborted.  Assuming an average class size of 25 students, that is 30 kindergarten classes aborted each year in South Dakota alone! 

 Let’s exert the same effort and place more value on human life!  Stop by the VoteYesForLife.com office located at 3500 S Louise Ave in Sioux Falls to see what you can do to help save the unborn.  Protect babies and vote YES on #11!

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