Good News

Recently, many in Hollywood poured millions of dollars to defeat Proposition  8 in California and destroy traditional marriage.  And, Bill Maher was able to get his hypocritical, vicious attacks on Christianity and the Bible into major movie theaters.

Despite these efforts, Proposition 8 went on to victory, with the help of many Christian ministries, including the Christian Film & Television Commission; and, Bill Maher’s movie made less than $13 million, while the pro-Christian movie FIREPROOF was still going strong with more than $30 million.

SD Abortions Continue Falling

The number of abortions performed in South Dakota continues to fall, posting a decrease of 5.5 percent last year.  Abortions declined to 707 in 2007 after there were 748 in 2006 — and both are down from the 805 abortions performed in 2005 according to a December 3 article on

Abortions performed on South Dakota residents decreased 3.8 percent according to the new figures from the South Dakota Department of Health.

That means 98 abortions were performed on out-of-state residents at the state’s lone abortion business run by Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls.

Women having abortions were asked about why they had the abortion and the South Dakota health department report gave women the chance to give one or more reason.  It showed that 83.2 percent said they “did not desire to have the child” and another 33.5 percent said that they “could not afford the child.”

Apart from those reasons of birth control, just 5.2 percent of women said their mental health was at risk from the pregnancy, only 1.7 percent said the pregnancy was the result of rape or inces, and only 1.7 percent said the pregnancy would cause major health problems for the mother.

Gift Certificates for Abortions

Can you believe this?  A second Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is thinking about offering “gift certificates” for people to purchase that could be used for abortions just like their counterpart in Indiana is doing! 

Though the gift certificates are designed to be redeemed for contraception, birth control and medical services like breast exams and PAP tests, there is nothing to keep the recipient from using them to pay for an abortion.

This is the season to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, and to offer a gift card that includes services such as abortion or pills that cause abortions to me is repellant.

Remorse over uninvolvement before the election

A recent email from a pro-life friend…

May there be many more of us who realize that our inaction caused Initiative 11 to fail.  We need to band together now more than ever to save babies!

Dear Respecter of Life,


I was one of those who were dreadfully naive about the vote last month on

measure 11. I assumed it would pass and was shocked when it didn’t.

My personal reasons and excuses for not becoming aware of the battle on

behalf of the unborn and not doing all I could to educate people along with

Yes For Life… well, those reasons and excuses meant nothing when the

measure was voted down.


I have mourned the ignorance of our state, and I’m ready to help in whatever

ways I can. Would you please add me to your email list for notifications and

opportunities to volunteer?


May you be blessed in this season of celebrating the most unplanned of all

pregnancies – Jesus Christ.

Abortion Studies

On December 3, 2008, listed three studies regarding the effects of abortion. 

The first study showed that women who have an abortion or a miscarriage are three times more likely to experience a drug or alcohol problem during their lifetime.  Over 1,123 women were examined for this study.

 The second article stated that African-American women who have had abortions are at risk for higher rates of premature and extremely premature births.

Lastly, Dr. Priscilla Coleman, a professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State University, led a research team which published a paper showing that the APA is incorrect in their findings that abortion does not hurt women.  In fact, Dr. Coleman’s studies supports past findings that many post-abortive women suffer serious mental health complications.

We must all begin to realize that abortion has very serious physical and emotional effects on women!!