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Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome

Letter to the Editor

A shortened version of this letter appeard in the Rapid City Journal on Friday, October 24th. 

To the Editor,

Hunting season is popular in our country. Have you ever thought why we hunt in the fall or winter? We hunt then because we would not want to kill animals when they are carrying their young or nesting with their youth!  It seems we have more respect for the unborn of animals and their young than we do for the unborn of human beings.  Where have our thoughts gone when we say it is okay to kill the unborn through abortion?  Have you looked at your baby pictures lately?  Just about nine months before, you were created.  It is very clear that people who are for abortion have already been born.  Everybody has to die, we all know that.  I am so glad someone fed me and changed my diaper when I was a baby.  My mother and father gave a place to grow; I could not have survived without their help.  Have you ever heard the story “Horton Hears a Who” by Dr. Seuss?  The point of that story is that a person is a person no matter how small they are.  If the unbron is not a human being, what is it?  In no time the fetus becomes a child.  if we were fair to the unborn, we would let them be born.  We would let them grow until they could talk and then ask if they wanted to live or die.  Fortunately, we can only kill the body of the unborn child.  God has their souls in His hands – and maybe we will have to meet those unbron children killed by abortion one day!  May God have mercy on us and on the whole world.  If the unborn child could say a prayer before their skull was crushed, and their brain sucked out; their body torn limb from linb, it might be, “Deliver us Lord from every evil and grant us peace.” 

A South Dakota Resident, Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Wakan yeja: Children are Sacred

Tribe Passes Resolution to Ban Abortion!

The tribal council of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa has passed a law that would ban abortions on their land. (read more)

Dr. Writes to Paper About Misleading Ad

I recently received a mailing from the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families. It featured Dr. Marv Buehner. Buehner correctly lists a number of fetal conditions that are incompatible with life. He claims that because these conditions exist, South Dakotans should vote against Initiated Measure 11. This is misleading…(read more)

Press Conference

Measure 11 Does Allow for Medical Procedures for Rare Condition of Twins Depicted in TV Ad

Contact: Brandi Gruis, 605-929-7925, Vote Yes for Life


SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota, Oct. 2 — A team of South Dakota OBGYN doctors will hold a press conference Friday, October 3 at 1:30 p.m. CST.  Physicians who support Measure 11 want to convey the truth about a deceptive TV ad by a pro-abortion activist group. The ad depicts a woman telling her story about her pregnancy with twins. It implies that a procedure resulting in the death of a twin that has “Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome” is illegal under Measure 11, which is false.


A team of doctors will appear at the VoteYesForLife.com headquarters at 3500 South Louise Avenue, Sioux Falls, to discuss how treatment is completely covered under Measure 11 (Section 2, Measure 11). Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome is a complication that occurs in less than 1 out of 1,000 pregnancies.  Today there are modern medical procedures that are used to save the children. Performing those procedures, which are intended to save the lives of the babies, is never prohibited by Measure 11, even if one or both of the babies dies.


The ad placed by the opposition shows a woman who received treatment in Ohio, not South Dakota. The accepted standard of care in our state is covered under Measure 11. Measure 11 will end abortion as a form of birth control, and can stop up to 97 percent of abortions from ever occurring in South Dakota. The measure does provide exceptions in the cases of rape, incest and to preserve the health and life of the mother. For more information, visit VoteYesForLife.com or call Brandi Gruis at 605.929.7925.

Last Living Founder of Pro-Abortion Group Admits He Lied

SIOUX FALLS, SD – A new television ad carries a riveting twist about abortion history.  Dr. Bernard Nathanson is the last living founder of NARAL, the pro-abortion organization founded in New York in the late 1960s. At one time, he was the nation’s leading abortionist, responsible for more than 75,000 abortions. He explains, “This was the greatest mistake of my life…and the greatest mistake in our nation’s history.”


“Dr. Nathanson’s story is a shocking example of one of the nation’s leading abortionists coming out against the tragedy of abortion,” said Brandi Gruis of the Voteyesforlife campaign. The campaign Treasurer, Dr. Patti Giebink, admits she was the last South Dakota doctor to perform abortions at SD Planned Parenthood. Now she is working tirelessly to end abortion on demand. “It speaks volumes when doctors who have personally seen the horror of abortion come out against it,” Gruis said


 In the ad, Dr. Nathanson states, “We founded NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) with the goal to export our pro-abortion mentality across the land.”  One of the strategies they used to mislead the American public was to deny what they knew to be true, “that an abortion kills an existing human being.”  In June, the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the South Dakota law requiring abortion providers to tell the pregnant mother that abortion “terminates the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being”. 


Measure 11 clearly seeks to protect these lives, yet unborn.  Measure 11 was written by a panel of 11 legal experts, under the direction of State Attorney General Larry Long with the purpose of ending unnecessary abortions in South Dakota. Gruis says, “The issue is not confusing, neither are the exemptions for life and health of the mother, rape or incest.  The people of South Dakota can end the use of abortion as birth control by voting yes on Measure 11 on November 4th.” For more information or to see the new ads, visit http://www.voteyesforlife.com.

Both Sides of Abortion Issue Launch Ads

Though a proposed ban on nearly all abortions was voted down in 2006, Stan Lorenz of Harrisburg says he thinks at least some voters are willing to take another look at the issue. (read more)

Minnesota Volunteers Coming to South Dakota

Check out this unbelievable ad on democraticunderground.com!

Upcoming Events: VoteYesForLife.com Needs Your Help!

Please call our office for shirts, buttons, and other supplies to walk at these events!





Roosevelt High School Homecoming – Friday, September 26


Northern Plains Art Show – Saturday, September 27 10:00a.m. – 6:00p.m. Ramkota

                                              Sunday, September 28 10:00a.m. – 4:p.m. Ramkota


Harvest Festival – Downtown Sioux Falls starting at 10:00a.m. Saturday, September 27





Homecoming events and games at these high schools October 4:


Aberdeen Central



Castlewood – Parade @ 1, Game @ 7

Chester – 7

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Washington High School Homecoming – Friday, October 3


Festival of Bands – Saturday 9:00p.m. – Bands marching on High School Fields around town.  Finals at Howard Wood Fields 6:10p.m.


Augustana Viking Days – Parade downtown starting at 9:00a.m. Downtown

Home Coming Game 1:00p.m. Howard Woods Field






Homecoming events and games at these high schools, Friday, October 3 –




Canton – Parade 1:30, Game – 7






Lake Preston


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Sanborn Central




Quilt Festival in Watertown Saturday, October 4 and Sunday, October 5 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m., both days


Codington County Extension Complex

1910 West Kemp Avenue

Watertown, SD  57201




South Dakota’s 2008 Abortion Measure

Although a proposed measure prohibiting abortion in South Dakota two years ago didn’t muster enough support for passage, pro-life groups say the revised abortion [measure] – which provides exceptions in cases of rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger – will stand a better chance of becoming law.

This is exactly what the people of South Dakota have been asking for…(read more)