Remorse over uninvolvement before the election

A recent email from a pro-life friend…

May there be many more of us who realize that our inaction caused Initiative 11 to fail.  We need to band together now more than ever to save babies!

Dear Respecter of Life,


I was one of those who were dreadfully naive about the vote last month on

measure 11. I assumed it would pass and was shocked when it didn’t.

My personal reasons and excuses for not becoming aware of the battle on

behalf of the unborn and not doing all I could to educate people along with

Yes For Life… well, those reasons and excuses meant nothing when the

measure was voted down.


I have mourned the ignorance of our state, and I’m ready to help in whatever

ways I can. Would you please add me to your email list for notifications and

opportunities to volunteer?


May you be blessed in this season of celebrating the most unplanned of all

pregnancies – Jesus Christ.


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