SD Abortions Continue Falling

The number of abortions performed in South Dakota continues to fall, posting a decrease of 5.5 percent last year.  Abortions declined to 707 in 2007 after there were 748 in 2006 — and both are down from the 805 abortions performed in 2005 according to a December 3 article on

Abortions performed on South Dakota residents decreased 3.8 percent according to the new figures from the South Dakota Department of Health.

That means 98 abortions were performed on out-of-state residents at the state’s lone abortion business run by Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls.

Women having abortions were asked about why they had the abortion and the South Dakota health department report gave women the chance to give one or more reason.  It showed that 83.2 percent said they “did not desire to have the child” and another 33.5 percent said that they “could not afford the child.”

Apart from those reasons of birth control, just 5.2 percent of women said their mental health was at risk from the pregnancy, only 1.7 percent said the pregnancy was the result of rape or inces, and only 1.7 percent said the pregnancy would cause major health problems for the mother.

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