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January, 2010 Newsletter

Pro-Life Bill In North Dakota: Recently passed in North Dakota are laws requiring abortionists to inform a patient that: “this abortion will terminate the life of a separate unique living human being.” Also passed is a requirement for the abortionist to perform an ultrasound with the mother having the option to view the image of her unborn child.  Further, a Senate resolution urges the U.S. Congress to strike down the Freedom of Choice Act.  Finally, a bill to grant full legal personhood status from the time of conception did not pass.

Planned Parenthood Killed Over 300,000: In its official 2007-2008 report, PP notes that it killed 305,310 developing unborn babies by chemical, medical, and surgical abortions the previous year.  The report also notes that total taxpayer money received by its affiliates increased to $350 million.

Distress After Abortion: A recent paper in the British Journal of Psychology reported that over 85% of aborted women reported at least one negative reaction such as sorrow, grief, regret, and disappointment.  About one-third of those overall reported five or more negative reactions.  These numbers were 40-80% higher than among women who did not abort.

Adult Stem Cells Help Heart Attacks: In December 8, 2009, Journal of American College of Cardiology, a report of a ten university study shows definite benefit to heart attack patients after intravenous injection of adult stem cells.  The cells migrated to the damaged heart and began repair.

New Embryo Stem Cell Lines Approved: Because of Barack Obama’s executive order last March, the National Institute of Health has now approved thirteen new human embryonic stem cell lines for use in medical research.  To date, such cells have produced a grand total of no medical advances.

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