Fleet for Little Feet Responds to Increased Abortion Rates in South Dakota

Sioux Falls, SD – The Alpha Center Fleet for Little Feet (FFLF) responds to the 20% increase in abortions in 2008 by increasing services on the road. The FFLF is a pregnancy care center on wheels.
According to the Associated Press, “the number of abortions performed in South Dakota in 2008 was up 20 percent from the previous year. Documentation required from physicians shows 848 induced abortions in the state, up from 707 in 2007. All but 139 involved South Dakota residents.”

Further, the Associated Press reported that, “the state Health Department said 57 percent of the abortions involved women in their 20s. Fifteen percent were in the 30-34 age group, 11 percent age 35 and above, 10 percent age 18-19, and 7 percent age 17 and younger.”
The Alpha Center and FFLF assist women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy by providing free pregnancy testing, abortion information, alternatives to abortion, ultrasounds and support for women who choose to parent.  Further, post abortion counseling is available to women and men needing support after their abortion(s). 

The FFLF has visited every county in the state of South Dakota in addition to regularly providing services across the street from Planned Parenthood in Sioux City, IA.

Dr. Patti Giebink, former abortion provider who is now pro-life, stated, “The Fleet for Little Feet reaches women and families with a message of hope; showing them there are positive alternatives to abortion.  Giving women accurate information is a good thing – and anytime we can do that, we will.”

The mission of the Alpha Center and the FFLF bus is to empower women to make an educated decision and to give them real options to make a better informed decision.  The Fleet bus brings clinical services to all areas of the state that would otherwise not have those options.

For more information about the FFLF or to bring the Fleet to your community, call the Alpha Center at 605-361-3500.

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