Abortion at Charlotte, North Carolina Center May Have Killed Woman, Video Taken


by Steven Ertelt Editor
December 10, 2009

Charlotte, NC ( — A legal abortion on a woman at a Charlotte, North Carolina abortion center may have clamed her life. Local pro-life advocates shot video footage of an ambulance taking a woman from the A Preferred Women’s Health Center abortion facility on Sunday. 

The video shows a woman taken on a gurney from the abortion center to a waiting ambulance. 

However, she was completely covered from head to toe with no sign of movement and the man who took the video says this is different than other women who have suffered from botched abortions who have been transported to local medical centers. 

The pro-life advocate who shot the video provided it to the pro-life group Operation Rescue and said the ambulance drivers showed no sense of urgency and took nearly 10 minutes to place the patient in the ambulance. 

That leads OR president Troy Newman to believe the young woman may have died from the abortion. 

“Based on the footage, it is our concern is that this patient may not have survived,” he told today. 

“Abortion clinics just don’t call ambulances unless there is a life-threatening emergency. If indeed this patient succumbed to her injuries, there is concern that the incident will be covered up,” he added. “That will only endanger the lives of other women who are not aware of the dangerous history of this abortion clinic.” 

“Once again, we have an incident that proves that abortion is not safe and that abortion clinics injure women,” he said. 

Newman says the actuality of how women are injured, and even killed, by abortions is a stark contrast to the pro-woman claims of members of Congress who recently voted for more taxpayer funding of abortions. 

And now we have a Congress that wants to fund with our hard earned tax dollars dangerous abortion chop shops like this instead of working to close them down in the interest of public safety. It is an appalling situation,” he said. 

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