SD Coalition opposes experimenting on embyros

November 12, 2009

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Cures not Cloning logo.jpgHere’s a brief report from the “Coalition for Cures Not Cloning” press conference held this morning at the Old Courthouse Museum. SD Family Policy Council Action President Chris Hupke states “the proposed measure would drive a Texas-sized loop hole in South Dakota’s current cloning ban…. make no mistake, this measure uses sleight of hand to rewrite the definition of cloning.”

Former Democratic SD State Legislator Mary Glenski voted for the current ban which was passed in 2004 and was “part of an overwhelming bi-partison majority with only one legislator voting against it.” Amazing really, 103 to 1. Current SD Representative Manny Steele also spoke.

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Dr. Mick Vanden Bosch stated: “…regardless of what others say, this initiated measure allows what is medically defined as cloning.  As a doctor, I want to invest in responsible science that works and has developed cures for over seventy-three diseases.” If this proposed measure is successful and the ban is lifted, research dollars would be diverted from current adult stem cell research that yielding results and curing patients. No cures have come from ANY human embryo experimentation, ever.

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Concerned Women for America (CWA) state director Linda Schauer “urges South Dakotans not to sign the petition for this phony ballot initiative…. Only 2.8 percent of [leftover] embryos are designated for research. So what will researchers look to when they have exhausted the supply of ‘leftover’ embryos?… The so-called South Dakotans for Lifesaving Cures claim they will strengthen our laws that ban cloning, but in reality they want to open the door to research cloning — a goulish clone and kill technique. The issue is not about ‘left-over’ embryos, but whether we will respect or treat human life as a commodity.”

The Alpha Center underscores the fact that “South Dakota currently has one of the strongest bans on embryonic stem cell research and cloning in the country. If this ban is lifted it will open the floodgatres to both embryonic stem cell research and cloning in South Dakota. Embryonic stem cell research and cloning rely on the destruction of human lives. In addition, not one person has even been cured using embryonic stem cells…. There are many more ethical options for these frozen embryos and it is always unethical to destroy one person’s life for the possible benefit of someone else.”

Lutherans for Life of South Dakota strongly urge you to not sign this petition… we are confident that an honest evaluation of the science will show that limited financial resources would best be invested in areas that have shown the most success already and uphold the sanctity of all human life from conception (natural or in vitro) to natural death.

South Dakota Right to Life President George Dummann states SDRTL “opposes the petition drive to overturn the South Dakota Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Cloning Ban…. Extensive, privately-funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research has proven totally unsuccessful. Of even greater concern, it always ends a human life. It is unethical.”

Democrats for Life of South Dakota added “Embryonic Stem Cell Research has had NO success in treating illnesses — only empty promises…. Democrats for Life of South Dakota support adult stem cell research which has had a proven record of success.”

Chris Hupke referenced Dr. Oz comments last April on the Oprah show… “The stem cell debate is dead.” Click that link to see Dr. OZ in conversation with Oprah and Michael J. Fox.  (1:58 into the clip are the Dr. Oz comments.)  Every South Dakotan needs to watch it.