Photos of Aborted Babies in the New York Times

The New York Times has broken its code of silence.

It was only a matter of time in the media world; and now, the dike will slowly leak, crack, then inevitably crumble. The truth will be shown by one media outlet after another.

I tip my hat to whatever editor(s) had the integrity to send a photographer to take these photos, and then to show these photos on line, and in the paper. (Yes, it is 35 years late, but that is another matter for another day…)

And for those who do not understand the “media hierarchy,” the NY Times is arguably the most powerful newspaper in the world. When they cover a story, it usually results in many stories from other sources following suit. They are the standard bearer.

And now, they have born this standard of photo-journalist integrity. WARNING: The link below has GRAPHIC photos of babies murdered by abortion. I congratulate Monica Miller and Flip Benham for their part in this incredible story.

And by covering Jim Pouillon’s murder, and the upcoming protests at high schools nationwide on November 24, they have gone on the record that “the movement” has a martyr, and that we will not back down from our aggressive display of the truth. 

The Photo Story and Links to Aborted Babies is here:

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