Pro-Life Group Challenges Federal Order to Sell Morning After Pill to Minor Girls

A pro-life legal group has filed the papers necessary for a pro-life organization to challenge a federal court order that required the Food and Drug Administration to allow the Plan B drug to be sold to minor girls. Bowman, a top lawyer on the case, explains “The order allows minors to bypass being seen by a doctor who can check for sexually transmitted diseases and other potentially serious medical conditions.” By making this drug available over-the-counter it allows an abuser to easily destroy evidence of their crime. It is extremely easy for ANYONE, even a man, to go to the store and purchase this pill and force the abused to take it. Because of such low regulation the ruling would allow for an older friend, sibling or stranger to purchase it for a minor even if there were more restrictions for minors. This drug needs to be more carefully regulated in general to help protect children and their well being. Take for instance the RU 486 drug, certain restrictions by the FDA were placed on the dangerous abortion drug , but those haven’t been followed through on by Planned Parenthood or other abortion advocates.

“Those restrictions have never been followed, women have died, yet no one has been punished nor the drug approval pulled,” said Wendy Wright, the president of Concerned Women for America, in referrence to the RU 486 drug.

Let’s keep in mind minors cannot purchase diet pills, or get their ears pierced without parental consent but we will allow them to take a drug that could potentially be harmful and not even have them be seen by a doctor to ensure the child is medically healthy enough to even consume the drug and that they have not contracted any STDs. And what for? So they don’t have to tell their parents they had sex? What are we really willing to sacrifice in order for minors to get this drug hassle free? Minors do no have the reasoning abilities to understand the effects that may come along with this drug. They think in the here and now. That is why there are so many restrictions on minors and why it is important that we also protect them in this situation and support strong regulations on this drug and other similar ones to ensure the well-being of children.

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