Battle Over Supreme Court-Abortion Coming Soon, Help Today!

Dear Pro-Life Friends,

As you have seen from our news reporting over the last two weeks, the battle over the Supreme Court is about to begin.

While pro-abortion Justice David Souter plans to retire, and that is good news for women and unborn children, his replacement could be just as much of an abortion advocate who will keep the infamous Roe v. Wade decision in place for decades more.

You and I both know that that means millions more lives lost, children killed, women injured and hearts broken.

As we have since the early 1990s, will provide you with the most timely, accurate and comprehensive coverage of this coming battle. We will give you the background of potential nominees, focus on the fights in the U.S. Senate that will impact the debate, and show you what top pro-life groups are doing to represent your voice in the confirmation process.

With Obama’s long pro-abortion record, chances are he will appoint someone who has a clear record advocating abortion. The signs are already appearing that some members of the Senate who might otherwise vote to block such a nominee will not do so.

That means and the pro-life movement need every bit of your help to prevent a radically pro-abortion nominee from ascending to the highest court in the land.

Below are some ways you can help us keep the pro-life movement informed on this and other key pro-life topics on abortion, human cloning, assisted suicide and other attacks on human life. Please take the time to give us a hand so more people can be informed, involved and save lives.

And on this Mother’s Day, thank you for all you do to support future mothers and the unborn children who deserve the right to live.

Thank you,
Steven Ertelt,
Founder and Editor


Ten Ways You can Help

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7. Have editor Steven Ertelt speak to your pregnancy center, pro-life group, conference or dinner. If you’re looking for an exciting speaker to motivate your audience and encourage them to support your efforts, he can come and speak for much less than most other speakers. He can present a general message or speak on any pro-life topic. Contact for booking information.

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10. Pray. We saved the best for last. We truly appreciate your prayers for that God will use this ministry to further the pro-life cause. So many of you write in and let us know you’ve been praying for us and we appreciate that more than you know!

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