Creating human embryos only to kill them
Congress may soon see legislation authorizing taxpayer-funded research on human embryos created specifically to be used in research, and thus opening a door to the federal funding of human cloning and human embryo farms.

Contact our congressional delegation today and urge them to oppose any legislation that would direct federal funds toward stem cell research that requires the killing of human embryos, or that would allow the use of cloning to produce human embryo research. Such legislation has been proposed by Senators Harkin and Specter (S. 487) and by Reps. DeGette and Castle (H.R. 872). While Sen. Thune has voted pro-life on this issue, Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin and Sen. Johnson have been strong supporters of life-destroying embryonic stem cell research, voting in support of such measures six times and one time, respectively. All three delegates need to hear from you!

Sen. Tim Johnson, 136 Hart Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20510.
Phone 202-224-5842 or 800-537-0025, Website

Sen. John Thune, 493 Russell Office Bldg., Washington D.C. 20510.
Phone 202-224-2321 or 866-850-3855, Website

Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, 331 Cannon House Office Bldg., Washington D.C. 20515.
Phone 202-225-2801 or 866-371-8747, Website

-Information provided by South Dakota Right to Life

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