Pro-Life Women’s Group Upset Obama Administration Denies Post-Abortion Issues

Pro-Life Women’s Group Upset Obama Administration Denies Post-Abortion Issues
New York, NY ( — A pro-life women’s group is upset that Obama administration officials denied the adverse effects abortion causes for women. As reported, an Obama representative at the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) meeting at the United Nations claimed research showing post-abortion problems “is unreliable because it has ideological elements.” Molly White, a representative of Endeavour Forum and Denise Mountenay, led a team of pro-life advocates and women who regret their abortions to talk with members of the Commission. Obama Administration representative Ellen Cheserly dismissed White’s question about the need for the CSW to address post-abortion issues. After the meeting, White sent eleven of her team to tell each member of the U.S. delegation about their abortion trauma. That led to a meeting with Peggy Kerry, NGO Liaison with the US Mission to the UN. During the meeting the women discussed all the issues surrounding abortion and how their work included helping hurting women recover. White is hopeful that the meeting outcome will lead to further discussions with the Obama representatives about post-abortion trauma. “Regardless if we can continue to move forward with open discussion with the UNCSW and the US Mission, we will not be silenced,” she told “We will be at every meeting, every year with more and more women until they can no longer drown out our voices.”

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