MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Asked to Apologize for Calling Pro-Lifers Terrorists

MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Asked to Apologize for Calling Pro-Lifers Terrorists
New York, NY ( — Earlier this month, Chris Matthews, the host of the political program Hardball on MSNBC referred to pro-life advocates who oppose pro-abortion Health Secretary nominee Kathleen Sebelius as terrorists. During his program “Hardball” on Monday night, Matthews worried that Sebelius would become the target of “the terrorism of the, of the anti-abortion people.” Immediately after making the remark, Matthews appeared to realize his mistake and corrected himself to say, “I mean verbal terrorism.” Now, the Family Research Council is getting thousands of pro-life advocates to email Matthews to criticize him. “Matthews’ opinion appears to be that pro-lifers are terrorists because they oppose a nominee with views diametrically opposed to most of America. A nominee so radical it is difficult-impossible-to find an instance when she stood up as an elected official in support of life,” FRC president Tony Perkins says. “I guess Mr. Matthews wants pro-life groups to remain silent on a nominee who voted to weaken and eliminate measures like parental notification and waiting periods. Matthews should know better and he should apologize today. It is our duty to educate our fellow citizens about a nominee for an influential cabinet position whose views on abortion and health-care reform are radically outside the mainstream. Please e-mail Chris Matthews today. Standing against abortion-embracing public officials is a moral virtue.”

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