In Memory of Richard John Neuhaus

“So long as we have the gift of life we must protect the gift of life.  So long as it is threatened, so long must it be defended. This is the time to brace ourselves for the long term. We are today laying the foundations for the pro-life movement of the twenty-first century. Pray that the foundations are firm, for we have not yet seen the fury of the storm that is upon us.”

” But we have not the right to despair. We have not the right and we have not the reason to despair if we understand that our entire struggle is premised not upon a victory to be achieved, but a victory that has been achieved. If we understand that, far from despair we have right and reason to rejoice that we are called to such a time as this, a time of testing, a time of truth.  The encroaching culture of death shall not prevail, for we know, ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.’ The darkness will never overcome that light.”- Richard John Neuhaus

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