Breast Cancer Linked to Abortions

There is new scientific evidence that shows that the increase in abortions worldwide has caused a sharp increase in breast cancer.  Over 34 studies indicate that women who abort thier first pregnancy have a much higher risk of developing cancer.

A first pregnancy permanently changes the structure of a woman’s breasts.  Before she is pregnant, her breasts cannot produce milk, as the gland cells are immature and underdeveloped.  When she becomes pregnant, estrogen and other hormones flood her system.  This results in rapid growth in size, while the internal structure undergoes dramatic change.

Cells previously dormant, rapidly grow into a system of branching ducts and gland cells capable of producing milk.  Once this growth, change and maturing is complete, there is no further significant change for the rest of her life.  Once mature, the chance of developing cancer is much less.

When these cells are changing and transitional, they are less stable and have much greater potential of becoming cancerous.  If she completes her first pregnancy, this unstable period passes and her gland cells mature and stabilize.

But, if she interrupts her pregancy, before 7 months (90% of abortions are done in the first trimester) she in effect stops the development of the cells at this unstable, transitional phase.  It seems apparent that cancerous changes can and do occur more frequently among these transitional cells of a woman who has terminated her pregnancy.  If she aborts more than once before completing a pregnancy, her chance for cancer increases even more.  A subsequent full term pregnancy helps, but sadly never removes the sharply increased threat of cancer.

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