Abortion and Premature Birth Link Confirmed Again in Study

Another study has confirmed the link between abortion and subsequent premature births when a woman is pregnant again. Previous studies have substantiated the link and now new research involving more than one million births show abortion is responsible for elevating pre-term birth risk. Dr. Manfred Voigt led the new study, published in the German medical magazine Z Geburtshilfe Neonatol late last year. According to the research, women who have one prior abortion boost their risk for a very premature birth in a future pregnancy by 30 percent. Women who have had more than one prior abortion increase their risk of a very premature birth by 90 percent — making it a virtual guarantee that future pregnancies will be problematic. Canadian researcher Brent Rooney, who has published his own work on the abortion-premature birth link, talked with on Wednesday about the new study. Rooney said the Voigt-led team has “removed any lingering doubt about prior induced abortions raising the risk of ‘early’ premature (under 32-34 weeks’ gestation) birth.”

Study after study continues to point out the affects abortion has upon a woman and any subsequent pregnancies.  When is everyone going to realize all of the dangers? 

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