North Dakota Representatives Introduces ‘Personhood’ Legislation

I thought all of you South Dakota Pro-Life supporters would be interested in the following article from written by Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer.  It reads:

In what pro-life activists hope will become a tool to fight the pro-abortion agenda of Democratic President Brack Obama, State Rep. Dan Ruby introduced “The Personhood of Children Act” into the North Dakota Legislature earlier this month.

The act reads, in part, “The state shall afford the equality and inherent rights guaranteed to individuals in section 1 of article 1 of the Constitution of North Dakota to all human beings from the beginning of their biological development, including the pre-born, partially born….” Entire act text 
House Resolution 1572 was crafted with the help of Personhood USA, a grassroots Christian group that is working to enact “personhood” legislation across the country as a way to combat proposed pro-abortion laws supported by Obama, including the Freedom of Choice Act, which would legalize abortion on demand in all 50 states.
“We want to focus on [personhood legislation] now, as we see the battle shaping up in the years to come,” Keith Mason, co-founder with Cal Zastrow of Personhood USA, told
Mason said his group’s nationwide effort began with a ballot measure in Colorado to amend the state’s constitution to provide protection for the unborn, which was defeated in November.
Mason said petition drives to get personhood amendments on state ballots are planned in Oregon, Mississippi and in North Dakota if Ruby’s bill fails.
“North Dakotans have gotten used to cold temperatures like minus-44 degrees, but they haven’t gotten used to child-killing,” Zastrow said. “We applaud and support their efforts to protect every baby by love and by law.”
On Jan. 14, 1988, President Ronald Reagan announced his “Personhood Proclamation.”
“NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim and declare the unalienable personhood of every American, from the moment of conception until natural death, and I do proclaim, ordain, and declare that I will take care that the Constitution and laws of the United States are faithfully executed for the protection of America’s unborn children.”

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