Palin on Parental Consent

From a article:
The Alaska state legislature will likely consider legislation this session allowing for parental consent before a minor teenager girl can have an abortion. States that have adopted similar measures have seen teen abortions drop by as much as 31 percent according to national studies. Rep. John Coghill and Sens. Fred Dyson and Gene Therriault have been behind previous bills and look to be lead sponsors again of a parental consent measure.

Gov. Sarah Palin, the former Republican candidate for Vice-President, says she soul strongly support such legislation and sign it into law. “Certainly, if we are a society that mandates parental consent before our daughters get their ears pierced, or even take a Tylenol tablet at school, I would think that there would be support both for parents to have to give consent and be informed anyway before such an invasive procedure of an abortion would be performed on our underage daughters also,” she said.

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