A big THANK YOU to all of you who supported Initiated Measure and voted Yes this Tuesday. Please check out the website to read a message from Leslee and staff. Our email inboxes have been flooded with messages from South Dakotans who are not even close to giving up this fight! Here are a few excerpts:

“This morning as I was driving my two teen-aged daughters to school, they both asked me what was the next step in the fight to end abortion. (In the wisdom of youth, they both knew that this was not the end of the road- we may have lost one battle but the war is still raging.) In answer to their question, I answered ” I think we have alot of educating to do. When people learn the truth about abortion, their hearts and minds are changed. If we educate enough people in this state, then eventually we will have the votes to pass an abortion ban.” My 15 year old responded “It will be my generation who finally will change things, because we have been raised to know the truth.” I thought this was very insightful coming from a teenager, and I believe she is right. We have a generation of aging feminists who bought into the lies of Roe v. Wade who are keeping the “pro-choice” myth alive. But the generation who are coming of age today are learning the truth, and that truth will set us free from the death grip of abortion. So, YES,YES,YES, we MUST continue to fight, and education is the best strategy we can use right now. There are wonderful tools available for teaching people of all ages, and it is the direction we need to go. So count me in, and God’s richest blessings to all of you at Vote Yes For Life.”

“We have just begun to fight. It is part of my destiny to end abortion and I won’t give up until it’s over.”

“Dear Allen and Leslee and the entire leadership of voteyesforlife, Thank you for your efforts in the fight against abortion. May we all continue to be in prayer and encourage one another in the fight against abortion.”

“There are too many lives at stake to stop the awareness, the education and the prayer. My husband and I are completely baffled that Measure 11 did not pass this week. Baffled. Not sure what we should do different next time, but we certainly CANNOT stop.”

“Try it again! I believe God will bless our efforts if we Keep on Keeping ON! Never Give Up! Lets do it again.”


“I’m writing from Minnesota, and I have to tell you I have been so very impressed with the way you and your group have been fighting this battle! You have been doing everything right! The rest of the country should have been taking notes on the way you waged this campaign. I give you so much credit for your perseverance!!!”

“In great attempts it’s glorious even to fail.”  Longinus, 1st Centry AD