Email from a Yes on 11 Voter

Oddly enough, right in the middle of typing this email I get a call some from someone asking me if I was voting No on Measure 11.

The person on the other end asked  me if I was in favor of healthy families and if I was voting NO on measure 11.      Well, you know me………I didn’t answer his question and asked him if he thought that a healthy family would abort and kill an unborn child.     He wasn’t sure how to answer my question and said he only knew that Measure 11 was something about the doctors.     He was clueless.   Then he said he  was only 17 and really didn’t know anything about abortions.    I asked him if he was calling from South Dakota.   He told me he couldn’t answer that question.

I then asked to speak to his supervisor.  (I actually thought they would hang up)

She was a little more informed and indicated the call was from Ohio.   I asked her if she knew anything about the Measure and specifically the campaign in South Dakota.   She didn’t.    I then asked her if she thought that a “healthy family” would encourage killing an unborn child.     She actually had the courage to admit that she didn’t support abortions.   Odd that she is supervising a call center encouraging a vote of NO.  They must be paying well!

I believe whoever is funding and organizing these phone surveys don’t educate nor care to tell the people making the calls anything about the issues.   The 17 year old kid that initially called thought the Measure 11 was somehow affecting doctors and healthy families. 

Its sad that SO MANY people are uninformed and just follow the crowd.

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