Advertisements Receives Letter from Sanford Health: Sanford’s Policies Align with Measure 11

 SIOUX FALLS, SD – The campaign is holding a press conference Wednesday, October 22nd at 12:15 p.m. at the campaign headquarters (3500 South Louise Ave.).  Sanford doctor, Glenn Ridder, will read portions of a letter sent to the campaign, highlighting the fact that the values of Sanford hospital are consistent with those of Initiated Measure 11, now that it’s better understood.


The campaign’s legal team met with Sanford Hospital’s administration Tuesday. “We handled this the South Dakota way,” said Rory King, attorney. “We sat down at the table and had an honest discussion about Measure 11 and how its passage will allow Sanford to practice medicine the same way they always have. We did not make this political and we’re grateful that Sanford has seen that Measure 11 in fact does allow them to practice medicine the way they do at the present time.”


The letter, issued last night to the campaign, states:


1. Sanford announced that they will circulate’s  letter to their doctors.  Sanford’s letter to stated:  “You provided your analysis of our internal white paper and offered the nature of it as being potentially misleading… We intend to use your analysis as a complimentary alternative perspective to our internal white paper (memo) and will make it available to our physicians.” (Emphasis added.)


2.  Sanford stated their counsel agrees with that “intent” is required by Measure 11 and that “standard we employ today.”


3.  In the letter, Sanford stated that it was impressed with the drafting of Measure 11 as one that protected the independence of physicians that allows Sanford doctors to deliver proper medical care. “In the end, (Sanford) was impressed at (the drafters’) thoughtful and genuine approach to manage this difficult issue with the sensitivity of our physicians and the protection of our independence in caring for all who come to us.”


4.  Finally, Sanford thought, in the end, with this clearer understanding of the measure, that the law is consistent with their current practices and values that result in only 6 abortions – less than 1 percent (0.75%) of abortions in South Dakota per year.  


Copies of all correspondence between and Sanford will be distributed at the press conference.    For more information, call 605.271.7581.


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