Sanford Hospital Does Not Perform Abortion as Birth Control–Why are we not on the same page?

The VoteYesForLife campaign was informed late Tuesday afternoon that Sanford Hospital has issued an internal memo detailing why it does not support Measure 11. KSFY visited our office for a comment. At the time of the interview, our campaign managers did not have time to read the memo in its entirety, but at a glance, it appears that the law and Sanfordʼs policy on abortion are in alignment.  Sanford does not perform abortion on demand; rather in cases when a motherʼs life and health are at risk. Doctors are completely protected under Measure 11. It is designed to end abortion as birth control, with very clear exceptions for instances when abortion is used to preserve the health and life of the mother. It was clearly written to protect doctors in these rare cases. We do not understand why Sanford would not be in support of Measure 11 when their policies, which are the normal, accepted standard of care, are covered in Measure 11.

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