Letter from former president of National RTL

To:       All South Dakota Pro-Lifers

 From:  J. C. Willke, M.D.

President National Right to Life, 1980 – 1991

President, Life Issues Institute

President, International Right to Life Federation 

  Re:       SD Measure 11- Abortion Ban

              South Dakota Pro-lifers did try to protect all unborn babies, the exception being for the life of the mother.  It was voted down.  Since that time, you are protecting none.  Now solid, pro-life leaders among you have made a second attempt.  They hope to save the lives of 95 – 99% of those babies now.  The exceptions are put in this initiative, not because your leaders don’t want to save those babies, but because it is obvious that the electorate will not accept such a total ban at this time.  Therefore, they are asking you, and I add my earnest plea, to save as many as you can now with the passage of this initiative.  We all want to save that extra fraction but you cannot do it now, so you should do what you can do. 

             Please understand that those who tell you to vote against the initiative are well- intentioned.  They say this one is not perfect and they are correct.  They say this is not the time, but I believe they are wrong.  If you wait for the perfect, you will see the continuing slaughter of your babies go on indefinitely.  There will never be the ideal time.  Now is the time for the citizens of South Dakota to insist on saving the lives of the overwhelming majority of your developing babies, while at the same time giving a magnificent example to the rest of the nation and to the rest of the world.

            As one of the “fathers” of the pro-life movement, I strongly recommend a “yes” vote on this initiative.

                                                                          Sincerely for Life,

                                                                          J. C. Willke, M.D.

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