Twin to Twin Transfusion


I recently saw the ad for the “South Dakota Healthy Families” about the Campbell family and their twins. What they had was “Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome”, I know, because MY identical twins had this same thing. My husband and I chose to keep both babies in utero.

The doctors DID give us choices, abortion wasn’t mentioned by word, they said that in order to save the one baby, we could c-section deliver the struggling baby and see how she did, and then see how the other baby would do. We both decided that delivering one baby and risking her life was not the answer, God had put them both in there, we decided that that’s where they would stay.

Also, on another note, there are doctors out there that do the “twin to twin” surgeries in utero, which are successful, they are called:Laser Coagulation of the Communicating Placental Vessels. If you google it, it will show you different options.

The reason I am e-mailing is, because today we have two beautiful, incredible and wonderful 9 1/2 year old girls. Prayer is what got these girls here, and even though it doesn’t work out for everyone like it did for us, there ARE options out there for people, BESIDES abortion. My girls are PROOF!! 🙂

Just to let you know!

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