Press Release

Contact: Kimberly Martinez
Phone: 605.361.3500
Sioux Falls, SD
September 8, 2008

About two weeks ago an Alpha Center ad appeared in the Sioux Falls School Directory targeted toward women who have experienced pain after an abortion. The ad says, “Abortion Hurts Women…There is hope and healing at the Alpha Center.” Opponents to the Yes on Initiated Measure 11 campaign orchestrated an effort to smear the Alpha Center for placing the ad and to bully the Sioux Falls School District into changing its policies for allowing the ad. They alleged that this is a political ad geared at youth when in fact it is not. The ad was placed in response to a growing number of women coming to the Alpha Center for help after an abortion and through the understanding that the directory was geared at parents.

Tonight the Sioux Falls School Board will consider “suspending distribution/posting of informational materials by non-profit and civic organizations until further notice,” Kimberly Martinez, Executive Director of the Alpha Center in Sioux Falls issued the following statement:

“The Sioux Falls School Board is allowing abortion rights extremists to make extreme policies for the Sioux Falls School District. Extreme policies make for bad communities. For 24 years, the Alpha Center has provided crisis counseling services to youth and adults and partnered with the Sioux Falls School District to help students become better South Dakotans through education addressing high risk behaviors like drugs, alcohol and early sexual activity. While it is the school board’s job to set policies to better educate our youth, it is a tragedy to teach our children that it’s okay to censor valuable and community improving programs like the Alpha Center’s.”

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