Letters to the Editor

ARGUS LEADER, 8/7/2008

In response to Sara Bendt’s July 20 letter in the Argus Leader: I regret that the only arguments you have heard are one-sided, apocalyptic propaganda.

The issues are two. 1) Do you believe that it is the moral obligation of law to do no harm? 2) Do you believe in Jefferson’s wondrous phrase “… unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” and are you willing to follow that it is the obligation of elected officials of government to protect the “inferiors” from the will of the “superiors?” Inferiors and superiors in this context refer to those without power and influences as opposed to those with power and influence.

1) In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decided in favor of Roe because no argument was made on when life began. Had the argument been made, they would have found in favor of Wade. Life is not an issue of location. To use an analogy, in essence the justices said: “Two men go deer hunting, and after waiting for a while, one of the men hears some rustling in the brush. Not knowing whether it is a deer or his fellow hunter, it is OK to shoot.”

2) The foundations of laws in this country are based on ensuring that the rights of the inferiors, that rights cannot be denied based on race, creed or national origin, that voting rights are not limited to men – equal opportunities for all. Yet we have the law, or actually the absence of laws, to protect the most innocent, the most inferior in our society.

If no one else will speak for them, then let South Dakota be the loudest voice. Let us, regardless of what we are for, lend our ears to hear. Let us not bicker over the tired rhetoric of apocalyptic propaganda or women’s rights. Let us seek the truth. This issue is not the law of the land. It is the absence of a law of the land. The Supreme Court struck down a law and left the question unanswered, that is the problem. Let South Dakota take the lead, then regardless of your position, you need not fear the outcome.

Sioux Falls

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