Quote of the Day–Ronald Reagan

“I’ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born themselves.”

Ronald Reagan, New York Times, 22 september 1980


Hundreds waiting to adopt

The following letter is reprinted from the Argus Leader.

“It might surprise strident abortion supports such as Anne Perrin to know that there are hundreds of couples in South Dakota who are waiting to adopt a child.  To presuppose that adoptive parents will only accept non multiracial or non handicapped children simply is untrue.  One can only imagine that to be a convenient excuse on the part of the “pro-choice” mindset.

I have personal knowledge of a couple who has patiently waited more than five years for a child, any child.  Furthermore, I am one of the children you consign to “unwanted” status, and I can tell you quite clearly, I have been blessed to happily lead my “damaged existence,” as have numerous friends of mine who happen to be adopted.

Adoption is the only choice a child can live with.”

WOW!  This is the truth.  This is real.  This is what South Dakotans need to hear.