I Was an Exception

My name is Bill Connor.   My story entitled, “I WAS AN EXCEPTION”, appeared in many newspapers and other publications throughout South Dakota in the last Vote-Yes-For-Life campaign.  It was my hope that by telling my story of my mother’s rape would personalize the issue with a name and face that some might recognize.  You see, I was conceived in rape and my life is my precious gift.  Without life, there is no story, no love, children, friends, family or precious memories.  Today in the business of abortion, rape is simply a legal matter, that current law, and public opinion, deems the most extreme response as acceptable.  Thankfully, my Grandpa’s Catholic faith did not find this acceptable, and provided my mother the support she needed at our most vulnerable moment in time. 

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.   My mother was very young and made some bad choices, and my childhood was far from normal.  Her abusive relationships made neglect, abuse and poverty routine indignities that seemed normal to me as a kid.  Only as an adult, did I come to recognize how vulnerable children are to the ways of the world. Thank God that He inspired my Grandpa, some foster families, teachers and coaches to light another path for me to stay in school, excel in sports and inherit a new beginning to serve Him.  I am sure that many reading this article were not born at the perfect time in the perfect situation, with perfect parents who were able to meet every material need.  But like the living weed sprouting from the crack in the sidewalk, we can bloom where we’re planted.  

In a perfect world, with perfect people, we wouldn’t need a government.  However, to maintain a safe and functional society there is obviously a need to govern, and to be governed.  Our political system, imperfect as it is, is the best method we’ve devised to manage America’s governmental responsibilities.  It is this process, the politics of big money and self interest, that has corrupted the debate, confused the uninformed, and has obfuscated the truth to justify a modern political agenda.  Government needs to be “governed” too, and it is “we the people’s” responsibility to define government’s role, no matter the what the issue may be at the time. 

I want the people of South Dakota to know that I am unequivocally pro-life no matter how bad the circumstances.  Last year, the Yes campaign efforts to save all unborn life was defeated by Planned Parenthoods argument that the bill, previously enacted by the South Dakota legislature, was too “extreme” because it did not allow for the exception of rape and incest.  Even though these pregnancies are a very small percentage of the total number of abortions, this was the basis for their opposition.  Imagine, if you will, telling the 1500 passengers on-board the Titanic ocean liner that since the ship isn’t equipped with enough life boats for everyone, no one can board the “Yes for Life” boats!  

I recently learned that the Yes-For-Life organization is supporting a new bill that clearly allows for the rarest of exceptions.  And, of course, I immediately said YES.  Why, you ask, since I was the product of a rape, can I support this bill?  Because, this will allow virtually every passenger on board the “ship of life” to live.  And, not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood again stands in opposition.  This is real life politics, requiring the inspired to rise and be heard.  So don’t be confused, nor discouraged, this debate is contentious and often without reason, but silence is no longer an option.  I have no political agenda, and being self-employed sometimes can cause financial consequences for taking a stand.  But, like most Americans, we stand, and have stood, for the sanctity and dignity of human life, everywhere in the world. 

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