Let Families Decide

The campaign opposing Initiated Measure 11 has coined the slogan “Let Families Decide.” 


Irony positively oozes from that phrase!  The same group fought against parental notification laws! So…which family are they referring to when they say “Let Families Decide?”  The past clearly shows they prefer to isolate an underage girl rather than encourage her to seek help from her natural support system. 


The attempt to appeal to South Dakota’s traditional value of smaller government is laughable.  The same organization now advocating for less government involvement receives millions of taxpayer dollars from the government.  If they were really opposed to big government, perhaps they should return all the government funding they have received.    


On the other hand, Initiated Measure 11 went straight to the hands of South Dakotans—not even going through the state legislature.  The response was over 50,000 petition signatures collected during 2 ½ of the coldest months of the year.  This issue is clearly important to South Dakotans and Measure 11 contains the exceptions requested by the people. 


The slogan, “Let Families Decide,” is so inconsistent with every argument the opposition has ever presented in favor of abortion.  Their campaign doesn’t put the decision in the hands of families, but it does insult the intelligence of South Dakota voters. 

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