South Dakota’s Initiative

This Initiative is South Dakota Led and Inspired


The People’s Initiative that will appear on the November ballot is a South Dakota led and inspired initiative.  Here are the facts:


    • The signatures obtained to place the initiative on the ballot are ALL SOUTH DAKOTA VOTERS.
    • All of the persons who collected the signatures of these South Dakota voters are ALL SOUTH DAKOTA RESIDENTS, without exception.
    • These SOUTH DAKOTA RESIDENTS who collected the petition signatures are UNPAID VOLUNTEERS, acting to PROTECT THE VALUES OF OUR STATE.
    • Initiated Measure #11 is the initiative of the people of South Dakota.


  • BY CONTRAST:  The 2006 petition drive supported by our opponents to place the Legislature’s Bill on the ballot:

o        Collected signatures by many out of state people paid on the basis of the number of signatures they obtained.

o        Most of the money to wage the abortionist’s campaign came from out of state.

o        It was supported by the national abortion industry that profits from the abortions.


·         FACT:  THE ABORTION INDUSTRY that has imported abortion-for-birth control to South Dakota is HEADQUARTERED IN NEW YORK CITY.  PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION OF AMERICA is a huge northeast corporation that has affiliates all over the country.


We have abortion on demand in South Dakota because they imported it to our state.  THE MINNESOTA BASED AFFILIATE OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION OF AMERICA flies abortion doctors from OUT OF STATE into our state to do abortions and then go back home.


This year’s abortion measure reflects the values of South Dakota.  Don’t let Planned Parenthood Federation of America impose its values on South Dakota with misleading claims. 

Click Here to read more about the out of state opposition.

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