Canadian Man Mourns Loss of Aborted Child

The awarding of the Order of Canada to an abortionist prompted Rob Cheshire, or Windsor, Canada, to write this letter to the Windsor Star newspaper.  His letter is a great example of how abortion not only affects the unborn child, but hurts the men and women who are robbed from the joy of parenthood.

“My experience with abortion may not be unique, but it has shaped a unique perspective.  My first child was aborted 25 years ago, and I paid $100 American for that termination.  That ended the life of my child, and caused painful years of reflection.  Legally, if an unborn child was provided the right of security, and life under the charter, I would be guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, but this is not the case.  In Canada, the unborn have no rights unless the mother chooses to recognize them.  It appears the issue of choice means different things to different people.  My support, choice and decision has left a scar of some permanence, and regret, that time cannot and will not move, for it is one of blood.  I think that we can agree that if children are considered innocent, are not the unborn deserving of protection?  Education and the availability of birth control have not curtailed abortion.  There are adoption agencies and couples unable to bear children willing and able to accept the unwanted.  I believe the cause of all mankind’s problems is our selfishness, and a desire to hide from responsibility.  I am selfish, my character is deeply flawed, and I cannot change the past.  I choose to try to live differently today.  Pain, whether emotional or physical, can be a great motivator.  I cannot support the award of the Order of Canada to a man who profits from terminating human life in its most innocent of stages.”

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