Pro-Life Movement on the Move

Nine people are walking across America to advocate for LIFE.  Seven college students and two leaders (age 29 and 27) started walking from Seattle, WA on May 24.  Their goal is to reach Washington, DC by August 16 in time for TheCall, an anti-abortion prayer and fasting rally in the nation’s capital. 


The group splits into two and alternates 30 mile walking shifts.  The group not walking drives the “support van” ahead and rests until the others catch up.  The walkers wear white t shirts with bold black letters declaring that they are indeed “Pro Life.”  One of the walkers, Liz Ziarnowski, told a Rapid City Journal reporter that it is “inspiring that people stop on the highway just because of the message on their t-shirts.”  Even county sheriffs have stopped to lend their support and help the walkers find a place to stay!’s own Jen Bowman had the opportunity to speak with a few of the walkers.  She noticed their t shirts and also recognized them from an article published in the Rapid City Journal.  They told Jen that South Dakota was one of the most generous states up to this point in their walk.  The hospitality they experienced was beyond their imaginations and they did not want to leave South Dakota.  The walkers voiced their support and excitement about the pro-life movements within this state and felt very blessed to be here at such an important time in history.   


It is so uplifting to see young people who are passionate about life and it is heartening to know that South Dakotans are not alone in this fight against a culture of death.  This issue is important across the United States and across the world. 


The PRO-LIFE movement is on the move!  

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