Another Victory for Women

Today Kimberly Martinez and Kate Looby represented the two sides of a recent court ruling during the Dakota Midday radio show.  The 8th Circuit Court (second highest in the nation) ruled that the South Dakota informed consent law is constitutional.  Before an abortion is performed in South Dakota, the abortionist must now speak directly to the woman and inform her that, should she choose to have the procedure, she will be terminating “the life of a whole, separate, unique living human being.”  For more information on the court decision, click here.

Numerous people called in to the radio station voicing questions and asking opinions of the two women.  Kimberly Martinez articulately stated her position–the informed consent law protects the rights of women and holds doctors accountable to tell the truth.  Contrastingly, Kate Looby read from the same ambiguous script, always mumbling something incoherent about government intrusion and a noticeably fabricated doctor-patient relationship.

One caller questioned how this law varies from other laws, such as nutrition label requirements and FDA drug regulations, regarding government intrusion.  Bravo! The government exists to protect its citizens.  Every doctor is responsible for telling patients about medical procedures before they are performed.  Every doctor is responsible for answering their patient’s questions.  Up to this point, abortionists have been the exception to this standard.  There are not even any doctors in South Dakota who are willing to perform an abortion at Planned Parenthood!  The abortion doctors are flown in from out of state, they are with the patient maybe all of seven minutes while performing the actual procedure and…wait–that’s it!  That is the “doctor-patient relationship” Kate Looby was constantly, and erroneously, referring to.  In all her feigned abhorrence regarding the intrusion of this law, Ms. Looby never offered any substantial evidence to back up her claims–sound familiar?  The majority of the 8th Circuit Court found that Planned Parenthood also had “submitted no evidence.” 

Thank you, Kimberly Martinez, for bringing factual evidence to this interview.  How refreshing!

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