Understanding the Times

Most of us know that the abortion industry generates huge profits.  Planned Parenthood alone recorded $1 billion in revenue last year alone!  Something that is less prevalent in the news is the large amount of money the abortion industry has spent on political campaigns.  NARAL Pro-abortion America has budgeted $10 million for this year’s presidential and congressional races.  The ACLU, a pro-abortion group, is starting a campaign to raise $335 million for state lobbying efforts.  They are desperately trying to cling to their revenue generating abomination.  The pro-abortion sect understands the urgency.  It is imperative that the Pro-Life community also recognizes the urgency in this battle against death.  (Help fund pro-life organizations!)


It is widely acknowledged that the US Supreme Court is in a prime position to overturn Roe v. Wade.  This fact is severely felt by Pro-Life opponents who are currently trying to pass the Freedom of Choice Act.  This legislation would ‘codify’ Roe v. Wade.  Further, it would nullify a large number of the state level Pro-Life legislation that have been passed and ruled permissible under the Roe v. Wade.  This act already has over one hundred sponsors in the US House of Representatives!  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both endorsed the act and are co-sponsors for the Senate version of the Freedom of Choice Act.  Obama has even said that the first thing he would do as President of the United States would be to sign this into law.  The Pro-Life community must not allow this threat of permanent oppression for future generations to be passed!


With the upcoming 2008 Presidential election, we need to understand the times.  Although state level Pro-Life legislation has greatly increased over the past few years, the attacks of the opposition are also increasing.  Do not be fooled into complacency.  The opposition is exerting more resources, energy, and time into this battle than ever before.  It is time for the Pro-Life community to not only match that determination, but to surpass it!

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