Value of Life

Planned Parenthood is saying that there is no value in an unborn child unless it meets their standard of physical perfection.
There is value in all human life,  but the question is:  Can man predict the exact extent of physical deformity that would negate all value of that human life?   Just last week a young boy survived a botched abortion (source   The reason for the abortion was a rare kidney disease the mother had.  She had already lost one child with this disease and tests revealed this child had the same thing and she didn’t want to go through the emotional turmoil of losing another child with the same thing.   However,  it was discovered 4 ½ months later that the abortion was botched and the child was still in her.   She ended up carrying the child to term and it was discovered the little boy only had a mild form of kidney problems and would live a normal life.    So the point is that man can’t play God and neither can PP.   PP has a major conflict of interest in their biased reporting as their major source of income is from doing abortions.   They have opposed any and all restrictions on abortion for any reason.   That is their record.   The fact is PP is trying to trump up the rarest of circumstances to justify the wonton destruction of all unborn children for their own economic gain.
Theirs is not an opinion born out of compassion.   It’s the economic greed cloaked by words of deception.   We have numerous stories of SD women who’s lives have been dramatically changed for the better by demonstrating love and dignity to their unborn children no matter what their deformity.   Love and commitment has a much more positive effect on one’s life than dealing with a lifetime of guilt and emotional scars wrought by killing.
Are you human because you are loved,  or should you be loved because you are human?   Is something good because it’s sanctioned or should it be sanctioned because it’s good?   “Nobody should have the freedom to choose to do what’s morally wrong.”   Abe Lincoln     

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