1.6 Percent

A recent article published on World Net Daily discussed the effects on America of anti-religious beliefs held by a mere 1.6% of the population.  Check out this article.  I think you will find it to be very interesting and provocatively infuriating.  If 1.6% of the population can hold so much influence, YOU can cause change in South Dakota and help protect the lives of the unborn!

 Tyranny of the atheist minority

by William J. Federer

“Daily there are news reports of atheists offended by prayers at graduations and football games; offended by a Cross or Star of David; offended by Christmas carols or patriotic hymns; offended by Christmas trees and menorahs;…offended a soldier said “God bless you” at a funeral…”   click here to read the rest of the article


Man Cannot Play God

This article is proof that man cannot play God…

Mother Gives Birth to Girl After Nine-Month Ectopic Pregnancy, No Abortion


It infuriates the pro-aborts to be wrong, when they think they know they’re right.