Planned Parenthood–You’re time is about up!!

Do you know where your tax payer’s dollars are going?  How many of you realize that Planned Parenthood receives millions, millions of dollars from the government each year.  Well, this well known clinic is not on the up and up and they are being found out!

“Planned Parenthood got caught doing abortions past the legal limit and other crimes, then cooked the books to look like they didn’t,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“At risk is over $300 million in Federal funding annually. In order to qualify for those funds, Planned Parenthood must be able to show their organizations all comply with the law. Planned Parenthood gives millions back to pro-abortion candidates in order to protect their abortion empire” explained Newman. “That is a lot of incentive to enlist political operatives like Gov. Sebelius and Attorney General Six to make sure that Kline’s case fails. Over a billion dollars is at stake in this case both for Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party. There is no doubt that political corruption is at work here. If Sebelius and her cohorts are successful at blocking the prosecution of Planned Parenthood, then she could very well become the next Vice President of the United States.

It is time to make sure abortions stop here in the state of South Dakota.  It is time to end the destruction of lives (both the unborn’s and the mother’s) and to end Planned Parenthood’s illegal  activities.

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