We Are On The Ballot!



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

To all the pro-life people of South Dakota who made it all happen.

YOU DID IT! Our initiative will be number 11 on the ballot.


To God be the glory.


 Let it be written in history that the pro-life people of South Dakota obtained:

 ….one of the largest number of petitions ever gathered for any initiative in SD history.   (almost 50,000 with another 8,000 coming in after the petitions were delivered to Pierre.)

 …one of the highest percentage of valid signatures of any ballot initiative in SD history.


 And it was accomplished:

 …In two and a half months in one of the coldest winters in decades.

 …With a 100% volunteer effort.

 …With no out of state people gathering signatures.


Please visit our blog for more information.


We are so appreciative of the time and efforts you have put into gathering all of these petitions. May you be richly blessed for everything you have done “for the least of these.”


What you can do now is invest in the lives of children.  Leave a legacy by helping fund this campaign. Let it be known by your children and grandchildren that you stood in the gap. Give in honor of a special child in your life. Please write out your most generous gift to VoteYesForLife.com and mail it to PO Box 461, Sioux Falls, SD 57101. You can also give online at voteyesforlife.com by credit card.

More information to come.

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