Abortion and Euphemisms

by Doug Tinklenberg

A euphemism is the substitution of a pleasing expression in place of one which is offensive.  Euphemisms are carefully crafted words which camouflage meaning. 

Before the Civil War, black people were labeled “chattel,” “property,” and “subhuman.”  Slavery was justifiable with these terms.

If a woman asks the abortionist, “Is it a baby?”  She is told it’s just “products of conception,” a “blob of tissue.”  The unborn are labeled as “fetus,” which is Latin for “offspring.”  But, no woman calls their parents to say, “John and I are having a fetus!” 

The word “choice” is a euphemism designed to make killing an unborn child equal “freedom.”  Who could be against “choice?”  Pro-life people are labeled “anti-choice.”  The argument during slavery was, “I should have the freedom to choose to own a slave.  Who are you to impose your anti-slavery morals on me?”

 People reject being “pro-abortion” because abortion kills children and damages women.  Pro-aborts “terminate a pregnancy” because it’s more clinical than “killing” or “aborting” a baby.

 Euphemisms are critical for the pro-aborts to retain abortion on demand.  Their name: “South Dakotans for Healthy Families” is even a euphemism.  After all, “healthy families” don’t dismember their children in the womb.

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