Father Pavone’s Call to Action

Please make a call today or tomorrow to the Congressional switchboard, 202-224-3121, and ask for the office of your United States Senator. Please tell him or her that you want the Senate to vote on the President’s judicial nominees.

Quick Backgrond:

One of the most important and lasting things a President does is to nominate federal judges. They remain in office long after the President does, and they make final decisions on matters like abortion. Right now, there are 11 judges who have been nominated by the President, but the Senate is refusing to carry out its constitutional duty to vote on them. Most of the seats that have to be filled have been vacant for so long that they are now considered “judicial emergencies.” The relevant committee in the Senate has held only one hearing in the last six months. It’s time for them to act. Senators aren’t supposed to sit out their constitutional duties just because they may not like the nominees’ positions on issues.

Father Pavone will be with the President and the Pope next week at the White House for the official welcoming ceremonies, representing Priests for Life – and therefore representing all of you who are so supportive of Pro-Life work!

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