Thank You!

Below is a letter recently received by from Bethany Christian Services.  The note has been very encouraging in the midst of much opposition.  Persecution comes when you take a stand for what is right, but knowing the people of South Dakota are supporting this initiative has given the staff a greater measure of courage.  Thank you!

Dear Leslee & all of the “VoteYes” staff,

I just watched the celebration video–WOW!  When we are faithful, God shows Himself in amazing ways!  Please know we support the campaign and will do whatever we can do here.  You are an inspiration and a light in this world.  We will never know the impact the saved lives have–but God does and He is using you/us to impact His kingdom.  You are amazing!  We will continue to pray and support “VoteYes” in every way we can.

For His Glory,

Judee Howard, Bethany Christian Services

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