Alan Green Endorses!

Alan Greene, President, Founder, LifeLight Communications, Inc.

I am pleased to support the initiative. We have a rare opportunity this time in history to  do what is right and finally curb the number of abortions performed. The ministry God has given us at LifeLight is about “Taking the church outside the walls, bringing light into darkness”. This is our opportunity to “be the church” and affect this culture. As believers in Christ how can we continue to allow the killing of unborn children to continue? The fact that it is legal speaks of the culture we are living in. We continue to pray for a transformation of hearts and a revival across this land. In addition, a step in that process is enacting realistic laws and standing for what is right, ethically, morally and practically. I urge you to get involved and support this campaign. If you are a Christian how can you do anything less? The Bible is pretty clear on life. Even if you are not a Christian, I think most people can agree that we need to reduce abortions and that is what passage of this bill will accomplish. Allen and Leslee Unruh and many from their team have been faithful to the cause for many years. Let’s rally behind them and get a victory for women and the unborn.

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