Jack Wilke Endorses Pro-Life Initiative!

J. C. Willke, M.D., President, Life Issues Institute, Inc.,Former President of National Right to Life
I am Dr. Jack Willke. I was President of the National Right to
Life Committee during the 1980s. I am President of Life Issues Institute, a
national and international educational foundation, as well as President of the
International Right to Life Federation. I have written extensively. My works
have been translated into 32 languages. I have lectured in over 80
countries. It was my privilege to testify before your legislative committee
when you were formulating your previous pro-life law, and I am willing to do
so again.
My long medical experience has convinced me that there is no
medical need to put an exception for the life of the mother in anti-abortion
law. Pregnancy from assault rape is extremely rare, there being fewer then
500 a year out of a total of 6.5 million pregnancies, over half of which
voluntarily carry to term. Even so, I understand the concerns that many
people have for these exceptions, and I am willing to testify for the need to
put these exceptions into law. My total experience has also long since
convinced me that abortion certainly kills a living human, but it is also very
dangerous and damaging to mothers and to many fathers.

The overwhelming damage that Planned Parenthood does outweighs any other good that I unequivocally condemn this and other similar abortion providers. I believe if you re-pass your law with the noted exceptions that you will be doing a service to, not only to the people of South Dakota, but to the United States and to the world.

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